"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it "

The DORHOUT MEES collection entitled "O//EAU" is inspired by the miraculous power of water crystals to transform under the influence of its environment.

Esther Dorhout Mees became fascinated by studies of microscopic differences between water crystals that came from a spring with simple geometric shapes, versus water crystals which was meditated next to, raising complex mathematical forms. The same matter has changed in essence.
The same applies to the crystals of tears of happiness and sadness. If the intention is positive, you see beautiful, balanced crystals and when the intention is negative it created disjointed, almost broken shapes.

"All our thoughts actually affect the cells in your body. I thought it was so special that something that seems so elusive suddenly became ​​visible to the naked eye, that it shaped the vorm of my collection says Esther.

The ideais reflected in the collection in geometric shapes that suddenly change their shape under the influence of the wearer. Trousers from two geometric pattern pieces with mirrored organic folds. Hard forms besides liquid lines. Prints with layered patterns, which in the body refer to organs. And asymmetrical geometric shapes in the shoes where low water seems to be; wet versus dry of soft suede.

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