‘ It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.What is essential is invisible to the eye'

- Antoine de Saint- Exupery

'In this
collection, I was inspired by transience-a metaphor for the winter itself and especially the beauty of impermanence. And how, without adding anything to it, a transformation takes place, which comes from within. This material transformation is similar to a spiritual transformation to me.'

In copper you perceive this process well. By external factors such as oxygen and rain, the degradation of the material put into effect an accelerated transformation, and oxidation takes place. This material is not added, but trough this chemical reaction we can observe the transformation. Oxidation is my inspiration.
At first glance you see organic shapes and bright colors. This is reflected in the smooth organic silk, and bright colors, which determines half the silhouette. The prints are inspired by copper oxidation.
However, when you look at close range atoxidation with a microscope, it creates a totally different world. A world of gray and white, and just rectangular shapes, layered over each other. This is translated into straight silhouettes constructed from rectangular shapes and patterns, combined with a sober color composition, gray and white tones and rigid materials.

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