"To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable , to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength."
- Criss Jami

Designer Esther Dorhout Mees , shows with her seventh collection ‘Passage’ a collection for women who show their strength through their ulnerability. The collection consists of powerful designer pieces made ​​from organic forms that contrast sharply with hard contours.
Wood as a source of inspiration
The collection is inspired by the living material wood .
How you can tell if it has had a good or a bad year by the annual rings of a tree. A bad year is a delicate moment . A fragile and difficult period , but when the tree grows through it , it becomes part of the core of the trunk and gives it power from within.
The parallel with our human life is the underlying inspiration .
Dorhout Mees merges apparent contradictions in a perfect symbiosis . Smooth and shiny fabrics are gracefully combined with rough textures . Even the cracks in wood are reflected in cracks in the pattern pieces . The clean , straight lines of pants and tops contrast the voluminous folds and flowing dresses . In the knitwear we see this vulnerability and strength woven into each piece . When it grows from very transparent , to thick cocoon -like structures reminiscent of the knots in ancient trunks . The prints developed in this collection consist of subtle patterns of bursting veins that vulnerability and strength of  wood.

Dorhout Mees developed this collection 3D printed shoes .
The shoes are designed as portable broken pieces of wood . Unique in color and texture , just as in nature .
The handmade accessories have a real wood finish . Oversized belts, bracelets and clutches fitted with broken pieces of wood complete the collection .

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