(adj.) mysterious and entrancing;
beyond ordinary understanding

Orhpic by Dorhout Mees is inspired by phenomenon, striking of lightning.
In nature, but also the fascination of what happens when lightning strikes a person, who survives..
The movement of light, heat and electricity in such a concentrated vorm through matter..
What happens..
 The heat can change a strong trunk of a tree into darkened cole, electricity can change metals into beautiful oillike oxidated surfaces, and lightning can create these scars on the body that look like frozen electricity into the skin.
Painfully beautiful tableaus.. and so the main inspiration for this new Dorhout Mees collection.
Being about skin tones of different kinds, but with 3D structures that move over the skin heightened like scars.
Corcets accentuating the body , combined with leather sneakers, both with chaotic almost woven laces crossing on top and over each other mimicking these same structures on the body
And a sliver of silver lying on the body as a shiny metal second skin, showing each joint, where electricity was put through the material to make it react in these rainbow like patches.
Transparanty, showing the body and skin, combined with asymmetrical structures define the silhouettes.

"The combination of something that is so beautiful to behold and at the same time so dangerous was so interesting to me, the fragility of a material or our own body in that way was for me such an interesting thought.. that it created my whole collection..”

-Esther Louise Dorhout Mees

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