'This moment contains all moments . " - CS Lewis  

Decay , velvet, crushed concrete , handmade shoes inspired by satin ballet pointe , contrasts in form and material , the collection reflects a combination of extremes. Esther Dorhout Mees became fascinated by places velvet red curtains ever night after night gave access to a wide variety of performances , in beautiful costumes and impressive decors , and now have to become spaces of silence and oblivion. Theaters where a distant echo the applause echoed against the weathered walls of the scene. In the collection " STAGES " we see elements of its heyday as the period after. Costumes, corsets , and the shapes of the theater itself , its defining elements of the silhouette .: theater cloths fall asymmetrically along the body and the rounded forms are reflected endless velvet chairs. Decline in material and dust outflanked seat buttons are incorporated in hand crafted materials. 

 " The greatness of a theater where once beautiful pieces entered in costumes and sets great narrative set against the decline and melancholic oblivion of these particular areas. The combination of such extremes fascinates me endlessly, "
-Esther Dorhout Mees

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