‘ Nothing is more revealing than movement ‘
- Martha Graham

The gathering of birds, and other animals alike, moving in groups as one.

Their movement uncontrolled, yet feels like breathing in and out and looks like a well choreographed dance..

They form bold silhouettes together and become a compact solid, only to fall apart in transparency in many different directions without ever touching.
Techniques inspired on many unities forming one silhouette, like tactile 3 dimensional hand knits, together with animalistic trades like

Split paws, open slits on joints, so movement of a shoulder blade is accentuated when in movement. Gold earpieces accentuating the ear itself, and shiny tight arms, contrasted next to rough or woolly textures.

Prints inspired by organic shapes like a flock of birds, hand woven fabrics that where woven with 6 different yarns that work together to create certain textures, in a way that the print becomes 3 dimensional, after adding heat. As a reference to animal skin..

‘ The movement of so many different entities in this specific way, while becoming one all together is fascinating to me..., and so became the essence of this collection. ‘

-Esther Louise Dorhout Mees

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